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Yes I’m still raving about Avatar, because of the very cool graphics. :P Forgive me for that. On another happy note, I was so honored to have my post Fabulous Avatar (2009) Fan Art to be linked on the Official Avatar blog for their post Awesome AVATAR Fan Art. ^_^

I’m sure a number of you have want to make yourself into an Avatar. So here is a list of tutorials on how you can do just that. There were a lot over the web, but these are the few that I believe are most helpful in getting the desired effects you want.

I tried to get ears and skin too. But that was hard to come by. If i see any out there. I’ll let you all know.

Na’vi Avatar Photo Manipulation (Exclusive Tutorial)
by: SolarShine


Tutorial: My Na’vi Avatar…
by *SolarShine



Na’Vi TUTORIAL english
by ~Xelidhean



Zei’s Na’vi Avatar Tutorial
by ~LuNar-doLLz



na’vi-fy tutorial
by =dejichan



Make me an Avatar: the process
Dead Cat

I would usually prefer to keep it all at the same size for introductions. But this was a really cool gif.  Just wait a little while for the gif to load. And see how she transformed herself into a Na’Vi.

GIF animations generator gifup.com

Avatar Tutorial
by ~Siryann



Na’ vi du film avatar de James Cameron
by psd-file.com



Create Avatar movie poster in Photoshop 



Na’vi skin stripes tutorial
by ~Jock2



Video tutorials on how to create yourself into one of the Na’Vi people.


Na’vi Avatar – Photo Manipulation Tutorial
by *SolarShine

(This is the same SolarShine from above, except now you get to see the tutorial on video ^_^)

How to create Avatar Movie Poster in Photoshop
by inspiring-pixel



Photoshop Lesson – Angelina Jolie becomes Na’vi from Avatar part 3
by architectus777



Avatar tutorial, Learn to make a man Navi.
by AAgataR



Photoshop Avatar Na ‘Vi 
by rebelmxgirl


And before going any further. It’s always good to study on the proportions of the being you are transforming into.


Na’Vi references

Examining the Proportional Differences between Na’vi, Avatars and Humans
by Skxawng



Avatar The Movie – Tutorial
by ~UnknownBlood



Hope you find these helpful. Now i’m on my way to trying one of these out. But after watching a number of them. I have a good idea on how to mix and approach the way of transforming myself into one of the Na’Vi people.

Wish me all the best :) and same to you. Do let me see what you look like as an Avatar.

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